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Dog Fence Transmitter -DogWatch T1200FMD


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Feature Summary: FM Digital SafeLink, 3-Year Warranty, Industrial Construction.

DogWatch T-1200 FMD transmitters are a premium FM Digital Transmitter controller for Invisible dog fence systems. They are manufactured with the same attention and quality as Hidden Fence professional Dog Fence transmitters. With 3 micro processors and industrial grade components, DogWatch Hidden Fence transmitters are built with accuracy and longevity in mind. All Dogwatch Hidden Fence components are compliant with ECMA and Australian Communications standards.

Dogwatch transmitters are the industry leaders in FM digital technology. The software ensures that there is no signal interruption between the dog fence collar and the transmitter.

  • SafeLink Digital Operating System
  • FM 8/4 khz
  • FastReact
  • Acreage up to 100 acres
  • 3-Year Warranty


Series 1200 FMD Transmitters are engineered to resist power surges and time.

With UL Approved Internal and External lightning protection, Series 1200 FMD dog fence transmitters are made to last.

The Patented Safelink® Digital FM/DM signal software minimises unintentional activation of the dogs programmable receiver collar. The SafeLink signal is secure enough, it can be placed on chain link or ColorBond fences, under power lines and around dams completely minimising disruption of the transmitter/receiver relationship. The 1200 FMD hidden dog fence is recommended when any of these environmental conditions are a factor when considering a pet containment system to eliminate escaping behaviour in your pet.

The Safelink FM/DM signal also provides industry leading reception from the transmitter to the receiver collar, the exceptional reaction time of 1/8th of a second Maximises the understanding your pet will recognise its boundary when approaching. Hidden Fence receivers have the fastest and most accurate reception in the industry.

Hidden Fence offers the only internationally supported professional grade system available in Australia. Hidden Fence 1200 pet containment systems have a 3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty!

1200 Transmitter Features:

Safelink® FM Digital Signal – EXCLUSIVE

  • A coded FM digital signal insures to minimise unintentionally correct your pet, unlike all other AM receivers (DIY) which can activate without warning and inconsistently around the boundary.
  • External and Internal Surge and Lightning Protection – EXCLUSIVE
    Best possible protection from surges for your investment.
  • Boundary Control Technology – EXCLUSIVE
    System can be programmed in multiple ways to solidify the signal throughout the entire boundary. Speed of the pet, behaviour and highly instinctual breeds can be controlled through the programming, which maintains training integrity.
  • Audio and Visual security alerts
    Immediately alerts if a break in the boundary wire occurs.
  • Unlimited property applications
    Hidden Fence 1200 is able to secure a property of 600 square metres to 100 acres
  • Industrial grade components
    All Hidden Fence products are manufactured to the highest quality specs, from gold plated battery contacts, to lead free soldering.
  • Approved and compliant to Australian Communication Authority
    EMC Emissions: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE
  • 3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
    Honoured worldwide through over 250 distributors. Warranty covers lightning damage.

Additional information

Weight 0.20000000 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm


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