Hidden Fence’s DogWatch® brand is the most trusted for Electric Dog Fences and Cat Fence Containment in New Zealand, and is recommended by leading Animal Behaviour Veterinarians for critical escaping and wandering dog and cat cases.

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Professional Grade

Professionally installed. We introduce your pet to the system using proper thresholds and operant conditioning protocols.

DIY Dog Fence

The Original Hidden Fence. Most popular dog fence on the market.

Hidden Fence with Professional Installation & Training

Hidden Fence brands Invisible dog fence by Dogwatch® is the flagship of all electric dog fence systems in the world. Its reputation of quality, features and support is well admired among the industry, and goes unchallenged.

Originally created in 1973 by Invisible Fence ®, Hidden Fence pioneered full service electric dog fence solutions for all regions of New Zealand offering the only Professional grade Dog Fence system, as well as our industry leading DIY Dog Fence by DogWatch, inc.

A Dog Fence Revolution.


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