I have had a number of dogs and (I thought) a securely fence property – as long as gates were kept closed.  Two of my previous dogs were inclined to escape if the gates were left open but in general things were OK.. However, not my current young Staffy X who found he could leap the 2 metre (yes I know 2 meters!!) high fence without breaking stride.  So a bit of research led me to the Hidden Fence and Garth and it’s fantastic.  My wee boy won’t go anywhere near the fence and that’s with only a couple of warnings.  Garth was great – set up the Fence to suit my property and came in under estimate.  Was always available for help if needed and checked in to make sure all was well.  Happy for anyone to contact me for a reference


Ben was an unknown. We had a 6 month pup from the Council Dog Pound whom we thought could be contained within a roomy space at the back of our house. Alas the two metre fence presented a two second boundary! Hidden Fence has allowed Ben to roam at will within an area defined by us. It contains him within our section without us having to chain him up while we both are away at work. He is happier and so are we!

Denise and Gordon Burrow

We were impressed by the professionalism with which Cliff and Sandra recently installed a hidden fence around our bushy property to keep the party animal within the borders, rather than running onto the road or wherever her beaglish nose pointed her. The fence seems very robust and set to last the distance. The fence also adds long term value to the property. Cliff’s reliability, availability and communication coupled with a top notch system give us no hesitation in highly recommending both the system and the installers.

Mary and Ian Cockburn, Upper Hutt

The installation of our DogWatch Hidden Fence System was faultless. Garth was flexible and conscious of our needs. We were able to have the system Installed on the property prior to us moving which meant we could bring the dog round for training sessions before shifting In, as a result our Chocolate Labrador Georgie was adjusted to the system from day one. The system has never missed a beat and you almost forget its even there, the dog doesn’t though. We highly recommend the system for its various levels and settings for containment, which will suit all dogs, properties, and families. You will also get genuine follow-up service from people that care.

Dane, Cassie & Georgie Carstensen Invercargill

“The Hidden Fence is working fantastically for us. Jazz our Bearded Collie was very cautious at first, especially as we moved to a new property at the same time as having the Hidden Fence installed. But now – I’d hate to think what life would be like without it’s peace of mind security.

“We had another dog visit today who was all over the place – there was no way Jazz was going to follow it, she just stood back and waited for the dog to come back into the safe zone”.

As for Garth and Colleen’s professional and reassuring service – I can’t thank you enough for giving me the tools for first feeling confident about installing the system and the effect it would have on my pet and secondly for the great training and follow-up support.

It’s really nice to actually have a product and service that does everything the brochure says. Thank you very much.

Kim Dovey, Tai Tapu

“Garth installed the DogWatch Hidden Fence system at our property mid last year and it’s been fantastic – well worth the initial investment. Garth has been great to deal with and the follow up service has been Very impressive. Our wandering male dog is now a happy home dog who’s enjoying being able to be trusted to run around the section – the only people who are unhappy are the pub who miss his previously frequent impromptu visits! I’d recommend anyone to get a Collartron system for their pets. Our dogs took hardly anytime to get used to it (4 days) and now they’re happy and relaxed being able to run around without uS constantly worrying where they are.”

Jenn Bestwick, Governors Bay, Christchurch

We have a 20 acre block with a retail outlet on the state highway 1. Having security is very important to us and a good guard dog is hard to beat as security. The challenges that we were facing were that we wanted people to come into the shop but being restricted to go into the workshop or other parts of the property. We also don’t want our dog to go out on the road at any time, so we needed a system that gave our dog clear boundaries which were effective enough for the dog to respect it but not that severe that it becomes abusive to her.

We looked around at different options and decided to install a DogWatch hidden fence from the Canterbury Hidden Fence company. It really has worked wonders without fail. Our dog is allowed to roam over the entire 20 acres except for the areas that we fenced off. Now we can have peace of mind that our dog will not leave the property, our customers can get into our shop without being threatened by our dog but at the same time our belongings are save. The system is so reliable that we often leave the gate open when we go away, even if that is for most of the day. We are very happy with the system and would recommend if to anyone who wants to control their pet. I found that our dog is a Jot happier now she knows where the boundaries are.

Thank you very much.

Fred Hoekstra

I am delighted with the DogWatch Hidden Fence System which Garth Sweetman put in for us to protect two highly adventurous Burmese kittens from harm by keeping them inside the garden. The care and seriousness with which he carried out the installation and his insistence that he get it right in an area which was, to say the least, challenging, has been impressive. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Leslie, Banks Peninsula

I would like to thank Garth Sweetman for his DogWatch Hidden Fence System. I have. a beautiful little Cav. King Charles female called Dallas.

We live on a farm at Pendarves and have a lot of heavy traffic going past our house to the yards – trucks, trailers & machinery of all types. No one ever slows down, everyone is always in a hurry – it’s unbelievable! I know with this system that my little dog is safe. It works really well. The best Christmas present I have ever had.

Thanks Garth.

Lyn Malcolm

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you very much for the DogWatch Hidden Fence system you Installed at our property In Ohoka, North Canterbury. It has been almost three months since the system was installed and both my husband and myself are really pleased with the uncomplicated way that it has bought some peace to our household.

As you may recall Garth, we have two Australian Shepherds, one 8 years old and a puppy of only 5months old. Before Hidden Fence was Installed we were constantly out on the property making sure the dogs were not wandering onto neighbouring properties, getting ‘friendly’ with the neighbour’s sheep or just exploring where they shouldn’t. At first we felt mean putting the collars on the dogs, especially the puppy, but they are so much happier because they are not being shouted at all the time and they know their boundaries, now we feel confident that they are contained in an area where they are safe and we are much more relaxed as a household.

Over the 3 month period the puppy has only once crossed the hidden fence while chasing a rabbit that was silly enough to wander onto our property, but he felt the shock and let out a yelp which warned me and I was able to go and retrieve him at once. I simply turned the collar strength up a notch and it has never happened again. He will not cross the fence line any more as he is a quick learner.

We have now inherited my daughter’s Beagle so I look forward to training him with his own collar when it arrives but I feel confident that he will ‘adhere’ to the Hidden Fence rules as quickly and painlessly as the other two did.

Once again thankyou

Lynda & Lea Clough

“We live on the State Highway 1, near Ashburton, Canterbury and one of our dogs was escaping our property and venturing down the highway, a risky task for a car let alone a much loved pet. Enter Garth and his DogWatch Hidden Fence System. What a godsend. After Garth installed the new system, he thoroughly explained the importance of training, and assisted me with the process. Now our dogs roam free, we leave our driveway gate open and couldn’t be happier with the system and the backup support from Garth”.

Yvette O’Shaughnessy, Chertsey

Thanks to you both for all your help and advice while setting up the DogWatch Hidden Fence containment system for Becs. She is enjoying her newfound freedom!! At least it looks like a smile on her hairy face! One thing’s for sure the stress levels around our home have been greatly reduced : we are not now continually looking for the ‘missing dog’. We really appreciate your regular and kind contact. Many thanks.

Maddy, Karyn, Steve and Emma Weeber, Harewood

We find the hidden fence system fantastic; it is a real sanity-saver. Our neighbours like it even more than we do!

No longer do our dogs dine on their compost bins or leave visiting cards on their lawns. One distant neighbour used to call our dog “Wander”, but Abby wanders no more!

Abby could scale our 2m high wooden fences with remarkable ease and would be out of any gate or door that the kids left ajar. The dogs are content and quickly learnt the boundaries.

We find life much more relaxing now! We have installed the hidden fence system on the property we are about to move to and it is wonderful to have no fences in the view.

Maniisha Wiessing