Remote Trainer Troubleshooting

The Remote Trainer Does Not Seem To Be Working

  • Check to see that both the transmitter and receiver are turned “on”.
  • Check to make sure the batteries in both the transmitter and the receiver are charged.

Dog Does Not Seem To Respond

  • Check to see that the collar is snug and that the ends of the contact posts
    are touching your dog’s neck.
  • Check the correction level. If the correction level is set to “0” (safety mode)
    no signal will be sent to the receiver. If it is on a low setting, try increasing the correction level (gradually). See Correction Level Adjustment instructions on page 6.
  • If your transmitter is programmed for use with 2 dogs, check to see that your transmitter is set to the correct dog training collar.

The Battery Does Not Seem To Charge

  • Be sure the charging plugs are fully and securely inserted. See page 3 for Battery Charging instructions.
  • Make sure you are using the battery charger provided with the trainer.
  • If the battery does not hold a charge as long as it used to, it may be time to replace the battery. If the battery is less than two years old, check with Customer Service for other troubleshooting options before returning the unit for battery replacement.

The Transmitter Range Is Reduced

  • The range may be affected by variations in terrain, weather, buildings and other obstructions.
  • For best operation hold the transmitter with the antenna pointed toward the sky, not towards the dog.
  • Keep your fingers away from the antenna. Touching the antenna will  greatly reduce the range.

Cold Weather Performance

  • All batteries experience a drop in voltage during cold weather.
  • The batteries may run down more quickly in cold weather.
  • The stimulation the dog feels may not be as strong in cold weather.
  • For best results in the cold months, charge and store your remote trainer at room temperature when not in use.

For other Troubleshooting questions, please contact Customer Service.
1800 223 364