Remote Trainer Batteries & Repair

For battery replacement, please contact:

Hidden Fence – 1800 223 364



Please send both the Transmitter and the Receiver when sending your BigLeash product for either battery replacement or repair.

Note: Using a power supply other than the one provided can damage your battery.

Hidden Fence – 1800 223 364
262 Blackwall Road
Chuwar Qld 4306

Procedure for Repair Work

  • All warranty work must be completed at Hidden Fence.
  • Product Repair Form must be filled out and returned with the product.
  • Return shipping to Hidden Fence is the owners’ responsibility.
  • If the repair is covered under warranty, the cost for shipping the product back to the customer (ground service) is covered by Hidden Fence. Expedited shipping service to return repaired products to the owner is at the owner’s expense.
  • If the repair is not covered under warranty, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.
  • Credit card information is required prior to service work beginning.
  • When returning a unit for repair include a description explaining the problem and include your name, address, daytime phone number and email address.