Appropriate Use

As with any training program, appropriate and proper use of the training tools is directly related to the success of the training.

  • The remote trainer is not a short cut or a “punishment” tool. It should be used to train your dog to avoid unwanted behavior and to reinforce the training, not as a way to punish him for bad behavior.
  • Keep your training sessions short, especially early in the training. As your dog learns, he will respond more quickly and training sessions may be extended.
  • Always begin with a low intensity level until you determine the appropriate level for your dog.
  • Consistency is critical for successful training.
  • Timing of the correction is also critical. The correction must occur at the time of the behavior. If the behavior is not occurring when the correction occurs, the dog will not associate the correction with the behavior.

Dogs with a history of aggressive behavior.

This product is not intended for use with dogs who have a history of aggressive behavior. Do not use this product if your dog has a history of aggressive behavior or if he could cause harm to himself or others.

Important Safeguards

  • It is important to understand the training process before using the trainer.
  • Be consistent with your dog. Inconsistent cues (verbal and non-verbal) will confuse your dog. A confused dog will have difficulty figuring out what you want him to learn.
  • In the event your training product requires servicing, please contact Hidden Fence Customer Service at 1800 223 364.
  • Attempting to service the system yourself may invalidate the warranty.
  • This product is recommended for dogs in good health who have no history of aggressive behavior.
  • Keep the transmitter and receiver collar out of reach of children and others unfamiliar with proper use of remote trainers.
  • Periodically inspect your dog’s neck for irritation due to rubbing.
  • The audible sound used for the BigLeash Remote Trainer is different than the sound used for DogWatch Hidden Fences so your dog will not confuse the trainer signal for the fence signal. The DogWatch Hidden Fence collar will not work with the remote trainer, and the dog training collar will not work with the fence.
  • This product is intended for the purpose of training domestic dogs. Use for any other purpose is at the owner’s risk.
  • This product is not recommended for training aggressive dogs. Dog aggression should be handled by a qualified dog training professional.