Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hidden Fence or Dog Fence System?

The Hidden Fence is a pet containment system that uses radio signals and correction training to keep your dog within a designated boundary.

How does a dog fence it work?

A buried wire carries a harmless radio signal around the designated area. Your pet wears a small receiver on a collar that signals him by emitting a mild stimulation, or correction, when he gets too close to the boundary.

How does my dog learn where the boundary is?

Your dog learns the boundaries through audio tones and visual marker flags in conjunction with our professional training protocol. Our experienced trainers come to your home after the fence is Professionally installed by our representatives. They teach your pet how to understand the boundaries through positive reinforcement training. Through repetition and consistency, they learn where they can run and play while staying at home. With training, your pet remembers the placement of the flags and is taught to stay within the border. During the training period, flags are slowly taken away. If your pet goes to within 1.5m (most properties) of the boundary, he will hear an audible warning sound from the receiver that means he’s getting close to the boundary. If he reaches the boundary, he will receive a suitable electrical stimulation.

Do all electric dog fence systems run on the same type of system?

DogWatch is the only underground fence system that works on a FM Digital radio signal frequency. This patented FM system, called SafeLink®, is an exclusive DogWatch technology that provides the pet with maximum protection from accidental stimulation caused by stray radio signals. All other pet containment systems run on an AM radio frequency that often picks up stray radio signals. These AM signals can cause the dog to receive an unintentional correction when the dog is not near the fence’s hidden boundary. This may cause the dog to become confused because of the inappropriate correction. Only DogWatch’s SafeLink ® system safely ignores all AM radio signals.

Are there any specific breeds that cannot be trained to the system?

No, with a 99% success rate we believe that with our proven training protocol, any and all dogs regardless of breed can be safely and effectively trained to stay in your yard while on your DogWatch Hidden Fence. Every dog is an individual with different personalities and temperaments. Our training protocols have been developed to teach all dogs, regardless of breed, age, or personality to respect their Hidden Fence boundary. With our training service, you get personal attention with your pet on your property. Thus, ensuring, another successful pet on a DogWatch Hidden Fence.

Is the Hidden fence similar to an electric fence?

No! Hidden Fence installs the fence either underground or on the fence line, and only carries a harmless radio signals. A transmitter (which is plugged in) allows the fence to emit radio signals, which are picked up by the receiver collar worn by the dog when he approaches or reaches the boundary. Electric fences are visible and deliver a high mJ (millijoule) rating. Some can be as high as 110mJ.

Will the stimulation from the collar hurt my dog?

No. Electronic collars utilise electronic stimulation (ES) not electric shock. ES is the artificial stimulation of a living tissue by means of an electric field or current (IEC). The ES delivered by modern electronic collars is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which artificially stimulates nerves and sensory receptors. TENS has no injurious consequences and is often used to manage chronic pain in humans. Our collar only delivers 1 millijoule of stored discharge energy; which is scientifically defined as: “a threshold of feeling, or tingling sensation”. Furthermore, the amount of correction can be adjusted so that a dog receives the appropriate level of stimulation for its size and temperament. Your personal trainer from Hidden Fence will meet your dog and evaluate the proper setting for your pet. DogWatch systems have been tested by a major veterinary college, and are used and recommended by veterinarians, Animal Behavourists and other welfare organisations.

What does the correction feel like?

The correction from a Receiver collar is similar to the sensation you feel when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention. The stimulation is 4 times less than static electricity.

Will the system work for more than one pet?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of pets a system can protect at one time.

Will I be able to take my pet for a walk after he is trained to stay within his Hidden Fence boundary?

We encourage you to take your pet for a walk. However, we recommend that he is completely trained to the Hidden Fence system and all the flags have been removed, which usually takes a couple of weeks, before taking him on walks. We give specific instructions on how to walk your pet outside the protection area.

Can my cat use the Hidden fence system?

Yes. Your cat can use the system, both outdoors and indoors. The outdoor system keeps your cat safe while allowing him outdoor exercise. Indoor systems keep your cat away from counters, tables, and furniture or out of a room entirely; you can create a cat-free zone anywhere in your home. The lightweight receiver is small and light enough to be worn by a cat.

Can my pet ever get over-corrected?

No, the receiver has a safeguard system and shuts down automatically after 15 seconds to guard your pet against over-correction.

Is the system safe during a lightning storm?

The Hidden Fence System has the only Internal/External lightning surge protection available. Much like a surge protector for a computer, the internal surge unit will protect your investment. This along with additional External surge protection and techniques done at the installation, help prevent any such occurrences.

How much does it cost? What if I move?

Hidden Fencing can cost much less than traditional fencing. And once you buy the system, you can expand it, add garden loops, or take it with you when you move. Contact us for a free on-site consultation on your individual yard.

How big an area will it cover?

From a minimum of a small garden to a maximum of 200 acres. Special needs can sometimes be accommodated; contact your local dealer for a free consultation and estimate.

How old does my puppy need to be for the Hidden Fence System?

Every dog is different. Some puppies are ready at four months of age, while others are not ready until seven or eight months. The Hidden fence Co. Pet Consultants will assess your pet’s readiness, based on the following criteria:
Puppy should obey simple commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “come.”
Puppy should be trained to walk on a lead.

Does DogWatch have a rechargeable battery for the collar?

No. Research and experience has shown that rechargeable equipment is less reliable due to its slow discharge of operation. We only offer lithium batteries, which have been proven to stay fully charged throughout its life span. Our batteries last 2 years in our equipment. This makes it much less of a responsibility for our customers to constantly worry about recharging a collar or replace a battery.

Is there a guarantee on the Hidden fence system?

The Hidden fence Companys, Performance Series carries a lifetime manufacturers warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. All other products are warrantieed for two years. The Hidden fence Co. offers Money back Pet Containment Money-Back Guarantees that makes sure we do everything to keep you pet home.