Adding a second collar

Every transmitter comes with two dog-capability. Your transmitter is pre-set for use with one dog but can easily be programmed for use with two dogs.

To use the BigLeash Remote Trainer with two dogs, you must have a receiver collar for Dog 2. The receiver collar for Dog 2 comes with a bright orange collar strap so that you can easily differentiate Dog 1 from Dog 2. As a reminder, the receiver for the second dog has a small Dog 2 sticker on the back.

Programming Dog 2 Receiver

  1. Before adding the second receiver to the transmitter, fully charge it for at least 3 hours.
  2. Set the correction level on the transmitter to Level “2”.
  3. Hold down the Dog 2 button.
  4. Continue to hold down the Dog 2 button while turning the new receiver “on” by aligning the receiver next to the transmitter at the alignment markers.
  5. Continue to hold the receiver next to the transmitter. You will hear a series of beeps.
  6. When the series of beeps stops, move the receiver away from the transmitter.
  7. The second receiver is now programmed to the Dog 2 setting.

Note: To use, each collar must be turned on and off separately using the Dog 1 and the Dog 2 settings.

Using the Remote Trainer with Two Dogs

  • The Dog 1 and Dog 2 buttons allow you to change commands between the two collars. The transmitter will store the most recent setting for each collar.
  • When working with two dogs, the display on the LCD screen will indicate if the transmitter is set to send the signal to the collar on Dog 1 or Dog 2.
  • If you are working with Dog 1 and the Dog 2 icon comes on and starts to flash, your transmitter is telling you to check the Dog 2 channel. It is letting you know that either:
    • The Dog 2 battery is low, or
    • That Dog 2 has moved out of range.
  • When charging both collars at the same time, the receiver battery icon displayed on the transmitter is specific to the collar for which the transmitter is set (Dog 1 or Dog 2).