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SPK10 Surge and Lightning Protection


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Dog Fence Surge Protection

A dog fence surge and lightning protector is designed specifically for dog fences. The surge protector is meant to combat spikes or direct surges coming in from the boundary wire on your electric dog fence. The DogWatch Hidden Fence has two-stage surge protection. One at the transmitter controller, and then the SPK10 dog fence surge protector mounted outside and earthed to an earth stake. This is very different than a surge arrester that you would use for a computer or television.

How Does A SPK10 Dog Fence Surge Protector Work?

The dog fence surge protector is mounted to the exterior wall or fence post away from your transmitter controller. The wires connecting from the Dogwatch transmitter are then spliced into the surge protector, and then the dog fence wire is joined into the surge protector as well. The central surge component is then earthed to an earth stake that is close by and buried around 1m into the ground. If a lightning strike occurs and electricity latches onto the dog fence wire, then the surge box is designed to absorb the hit and preserve your DogWatch Invisible fence transmitter.

Is Surge Protection Necessary electric Dog Fences?

Absolutely! Electric dog fences are a large antenna that surround the property and have a radio signal traveling through it. Plus, the dog fence wire is copper, which is highly conductive.

Most brands of electric dog fences claim to have surge protection internally. This may be true, but this is still only inside the unit and once a surge is inside, it won’t keep it from damage if the units power a/c adaptor isn’t utilizing a third earth pin, then it won’t work.

DogWatch Hidden Fence units come with the SPK10 dog fence surge protector as the external protection, and also use a linear power supply with a third earth pin which enables the internal surge arrester.


  • Electronic Dog Fence systems or Electronic pet containment invisible fence products all act as radio antenna on properties. Since electronic dog fencing surround a perimeter, dog fencing need to be earthed properly to prevent damage.
  • Pet containment systems most closely resemble a phone line system entering a house.
  • DogWatch Hidden Fence systems follow Telstra design principle of using a TWO-STEP PROTECTION SYSTEM.
  • System meets USA (FCC), Europe (CE), Japan (VCCI) and Australian standards for EMC emissions and immunity.
  • Power supply and surge protector are UL approved.
  • DogWatch Hidden Fence Systems uses a two-step lightning protection design recommended by telecommunications industry and lightning protection companies. (ONLY BRAND IN AUSTRALIA WITH UL APPROVED RATING)
  • Primary Protector: Bypasses surges from outside wiring (loop).
  • Secondary Protection: bypasses smaller remaining surges to ground via house wiring.



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