Dog Behaviour Assessment

By Dr. Cam Day

BVSc BSc. MACVS (Animal Behaviour)
Animal Behaviour Veterinarian

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Hi, welcome and hugs to your pets.

Getting solutions for your pet’s behaviour is not difficult. There are solutions for the majority of them. Just complete the form below and your solutions start very quickly.

When behaviour is examined scientifically and treated creatively, solutions can often be easier that you may think.

‘It’s a miracle’ said one of my clients recently. She had two aggressive Pugs.

It wasn’t a miracle. It was just the good science of behaviour change done humanely and in a targeted and welfare-focused manner.  Another client with a huge but fearful cat used the word ‘gobsmacked’ when she describe the rapid resolution of her cat’s fears.

That happens when behaviours are properly assessed. AND that’s why you need to complete the assessment form below.

By the way, we WILL respond to your submission personally. Honest! (Some people seem to be surprised by that – they think websites are run by computers not by people!) We will respond by telephone or by sending you your own Web-Assist Guide.

But here’s a hint.

If you choose to become a member you will get a rapid response, done with tenacity of a Turbo-charged Terrier. The longer the membership you choose, the more quickly we will respond. Activate your membership here in seconds if you want to.

What You Should Do Now

Complete the form below. That’s the first step to effective therapy.
After that, you can choose to use the Do it Yourself system this site provides or you can get expert assistance from our team if your prefer.
The choice is yours.

What Happens After You Complete the Form Below

  1. Click the SUBMIT button below and you will be linked to a D.I.Y solutions page automatically that will get your solutions working immediately.
  2. You will also receive a brief Web-Assist Email that will link you to general information on So there’s your jump-start to your pet’s behaviour cure. Make sure your email address is correct or you will not receive the email. If it does not arrive, check you junk or spam box. Because it will be information rich, some email filters direct it away from your Inbox.
  3. Simultaneously, we will receive your details and will respond by sending you a detailed and personally created Web Assist Guide as soon as we can. (We get lots of submissions so it may take a day or two if you are not a member.)
  4. And to keep you up to date we will enrol you into the Pethealth’s e-Learning stream(s) that best suit the problem you describe below.
  5. Through the information in the Web-Assist Email and/or the Thank You page you can choose additional solutions if you want to. These range from a low-cost membership with (which ensures a priority response) right through to a 2 hour full-therapy consultation with veterinary behaviourist Dr Cam Day in his rooms or your home but at discount prices if you are a member.

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